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Rick moved his blog to his website, and I went and made a new feed before a request was put in to change the current syns url.

Dunno how that's going to be handled by LJ, but here's the syn taking from his site currently:

So far, it's only spit out a bunch of old entries in an odd order, though.
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Aidan & Jared

That's Colonel Mercer o you.

Rick Mercer is going to be an honorary Colonel for 423 Maritime Helicopter Squadron.  The squadron is based out of Shearwater, Nova Scotia and flies the Seaking Helicopter.  He is planning on visiting the Squadron in April, just after he finishes filming for the season.  I am a member of the squadron and can say that he is also planning on attending some functions with the squadron.  He has made several media annoucements, the squadron has as well.  We are very proud to have Rick Mercer as our honorary Colonel.

I'll post more on this as it occurs.
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hat lasso

Rick at the Rodeo

I just got back from the Rodeo Royal/Roughstock at the Corral Bldg in Calgary. We had great seats today, right behind the bull/bronc chutes and (as it happens,) Rick Mercer.

He was dressed as one of the rodeo clowns, except for dress socks and loafers, seriously. In the upcoming show, whenever it airs, all stunts were not in fact performed by Rick himself. There was an actual pro-rodeo clown wearing the exact same duds and make-up, sans dress-shoes.

Rick did interview a number of cowboys, one with his hand in ice, and his cameraman did film several close-ups of the folks in the stands. I couldn't hear what he was asking but reading his lips I think he asked one cowboy if he was scared.

Oh, and FYI, Rick drinks Budweiser. Not that he had much of a choice. It was either that or Motts Clamato Ceaser.

I did get to take a few pictures of my wife with Rick. If I knew how to plug that little media card into the computer, I'ld post 'em. But you'll just have to take my word for it.